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ResDiary Lite is a smart, digital platform that is designed for small venues who want to grow their online business and manage all their bookings, from any device, anywhere. 


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Quickly create, edit or cancel bookings, availability, and tables.

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Take bookings via your website, social media, and Google.

 “It's a great system that's helped us work smarter and I wish I'd done it sooner.”
Lisa Wedgewood
Owner, Wedgwood The Restaurant, Edinburgh
on making the switch from pen and paper to ResDiary

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Start your 30 day free trial now.

What is ResDiary Lite?

ResDiary Lite is a simplified reservation management system, designed for venues who have traditionally used ‘paper’ diaries to manage their reservations and wish to digitise their records, while also enabling access to online booking channels. Like the full diary it is a web app and accessible from anywhere using a web browser.

What are the key features of ResDiary Lite?

• Create/edit/cancel bookings
• View bookings list
• View booking details
• Search bookings & customers
• Create/edit customer
• Create/edit closeout (basic closeouts)

What are the big differences between ResDiary Lite and full ResDiary?

ResDiary Lite has been designed to support key features required to support your reservation requirements, the full ResDiary does offer greater flexibility to your venue/s needs. The full ResDiary offers:
• Ability to set up promotions
• Allows you to take payments
• Integrates with Pre-orders, SMS, and Events
• Yield management control ( number of bookings/covers per time interval).

If you would like to know more about the full ResDiary application, please contact us by emailing [email protected]

Does ResDiary Lite support my multiple venues?

No, there is no venue switching in ResDiary Lite.

How does the 30 Day Free trial work?

Any new account that signs-up during the promotional period will receive the 30-day free trial. The promotional period may be altered at any time.

The first invoice will appear with £0 for the 30-day free trial.The second invoice, for the calendar month will include the standard monthly price of £49

If a cancellation is made during the 30-day free trial, the account will be deactivated and no further invoices will be sent. If a cancellation is made after the 30-day free trial, any outstanding invoices will need to be paid prior to the account being deactivated.


Try it Free for 30 days. Then £49 monthly. 
No contract. Cancel anytime.